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The Luxury Home Prestige Team is a boutique agency located in the GTA. We are a team of Real Estate connoisseurs with a combined 50 years of experience. We offer an unparalleled signature real estate experience, customized to meet your individual needs and dedicated to achieving your Real Estate Dreams.


Our mission at the Luxury Home Prestige Team is to redefine the customer service experience. That’s why we strive to provide all our clients with the access to superior real estate tools, in-depth market knowledge and a customized marketing strategy that is tailored to successfully accelerate the sale of your home. Our reputation and integrity depend on exceeding your expectations and gaining your satisfaction. We believe that your success is our success!


Our Reputation and Integrity Depend on Exceeding Your Expectations and Gaining Your Satisfaction 



White Glove services. Gold Standard Guarantees

The LH Prestige team is made up of carefully chosen and invaluable professionals, assembled together to provide the ideal service needed for all real estate investors to achieve the maximum results with the least amount of risk.

Under Our Representation You'll Receive Superior Results With:

  • Our Unique Team System

  • Our Exclusive Prestige Selling Program

  • Our Leading Edge Technology

  • Our Specialized Knowledge

Under Our Representation

The Benefit To You is:

  • We Will Accelerate the Sale of Your Home

  • We Will Garner Maximum Value for Your Property

  • We Provide A Hassle-Free Experience


Top talent to represent you


Luxury Home (LH) Prestige, an award-winning boutique real estate team, is redefining the Real Estate industry – The Prestige Way.

There is a belief that the real estate industry has lost its client focus and instead has become an industry solely driven by sales, often leaving the client feeling abandoned. Yet, the bottom line is, buying or selling a home is an extremely important process that deserves the utmost respect. That is why LH is founded on the principle that everyone deserves the “Prestige Experience.”

Under the leadership of Lauren Parente, Founder and Executive Director, LH is rewriting the book on how clients experience buying and selling homes.

After sitting down with Parente, a statuesque six-foot blonde dressed in a navy blue tailored suit, the motivations become clear that have led her and LH to become recognized as one of the most renowned real estate teams in the GTA.

As an experienced Real Estate Sales Representative, Parente has dealt with hundreds of clients looking to buy and sell properties. And as a proven entrepreneur, she not only leads the success of Luxury Home Prestige, but also oversees the highly sought-after staging and design suite, Touch of Prestige. “It is this synergy that works to provide our clients a full-service boutique experience,” Parente explains.

LH incorporates staging a home during the selling process to significantly improve the sale price. “When you cater to the buyer’s senses you are visually showing them why this home is a perfect fit,” Parente says.

This One-Stop Shop experience provides the client with a collection of experts. Unlike most real estate teams, Parente’s is a diverse and robust roster of real estate connoisseurs driven to focus on customer service excellence. Parente elaborates, “I wanted to create a model in the Real Estate sector that is client-centric. By segregating the functions of the sales team member into different roles, we are able to ensure the client always comes first.”

This perspective, unique to the industry, has become LH Prestige’s signature approach to providing real estate services. Parente says, “Why should one team member have to juggle every task? How effective can that be before mistakes occur, which could potentially cost clients thousands of dollars? We have in-house experts and partners who are specialists in every niche of real estate.”


LH supports its team of professionals by creating specialized divisions: Administration, Customer Service, Marketing, Call Centre Support, Systems Coordination, Staging, Mortgage Financing and Legal. “We also have Financial Advisors on call for our clients, providing information on wealth management to ensure the longevity of their current and future success,” Parente explains.

And when you thought LH was done catering to its clients, Parente announces, “We recently launched a home renovation chapter to add even more value. The process of buying a new home can be stressful, and we wanted to be able to provide our clients the chance to move into their picture-perfect dream home with ease.

A major component of its business is the team’s phenomenal marketing division. It provides demographic-based target marketing, which showcases your home to the right people in the best ways possible. “We can’t rely solely on MLS, one needs to be aggressive in attracting the right buyers. LH Prestige does not believe in ‘listing-and-leaving,’ meaning we do not passively wait for buyers to come, we go out and find them for our clients,” Parente says.

The Marketing division is supported by various systems in place such as call centre support, text messaging services, voice broadcasting, print marketing and canvassing, among others. This is how The Luxury Home Prestige Team has become known as the GTA’s Property Matchmakers. Incorporate the above, with over 3400 buyers in her present database, and its no wonder Parente wields an expertise for moving property quickly and at top dollar.

The LH Prestige Team understands that every client’s needs are different and that no two plans are ever the same. With a flexible commission structure based on its a la carte menu, the team’s services cost the same as those of other Real Estate Sales Representatives but with much more added value. Countless testimonials on the LH Prestige Team’s various social media feeds speak to the quality and consistency of its work.

“We call ourselves the LH Prestige Team family and we really work together very well. We have been able to grow so successfully and quickly [because] my teammates are big advocates of the brand,” Parente says. “When the people you have to work with are happy with their company and treated well, they too pass on that same treatment to you.”

Parente is not just building a company of workers, she is building a brand — a brand that wants you to know it is the absolute best at what it does. Part of what Parente does best is create and cultivate great teams and experiences for those around her.

This is thanks to Parente’s No. 1 value: people.

As an Executive Director within the John Maxwell Organization, Parente has been honing her skills under the guidance of the Intentional-Living Teacher, and Leadership guru’s organization. Parente has since started her own personal coaching company, Lauren Parente Coaching, and is now being asked to speak internationally.

Parente says, “My passion is people. My passion is inspiring people [and] helping them live their best lives.” Today, Parente is recognized by many of her peers as a woman of great influence. Parente’s desire to change lives has her doing just that, one person at a time.

The LH culture has garnered burgeoning success, having since expanded across the GTA, with plans to continue on with its expansion. “We are able to achieve this because of the power of our team and the strength of our systemized business approach,” Parente says. “We’re big on collaboration and community and believe there is magic when the right people team up.”

The care and consideration that goes into each and every person starts at the top, with Parente herself. Recently, Parente went on a trip to Peru to volunteer at an after-school centre to help young children, a program with UBELONG. Many of the children there live in poor conditions and have difficult home lives. Upon her return to the Great White North, Parente reached out to the program in an effort to become an official sponsor of Programs Colibri, providing food for the children for the entirety of 2018.

While she does charitable work abroad, Parente also supports causes close to home. Roots of Humanity is the LH Prestige Team’s philanthropy division, which gives back to several causes in the community.

When a colleague in the industry’s practice became compromised due to a sudden family illness, Parente took it upon herself to try to help. She started a GoFundMe campaign that would help take care of the family in this trying time. The initial goal was to raise $100,000. It has raised over $176,000 to date.

It was from this endeavour, and in seeing the power of collaboration through various community efforts, that a new initiative was founded — Realtors Giving Back.

The goal is that every year, a Real Estate Professional who is unable to work due to injury and illness will be chosen through the cause and financially supported until they are able to return to work. To assist the cause, Realtors Giving Back will be hosting a Gala event this winter, 2018.

“Being involved in the community is one of my greatest passions. Having become a trusted confidant that can be called upon by clients when they are making major decisions, like buying a home, is an absolute honour.”

With deep industry connections, and a reputation for success Lauren and team have developed great relationships with fellow Real Estate Professionals around the world. “We grant fellow representatives access to our Exclusive Proprietary system known as Your Prestige Connection — a private collection of Exclusive listings available to VIP clients of the Luxury Home Prestige Team.

“Exposing our clients to properties that they won’t find on the Internet is a huge deal,” Parente explains. In today’s competitive market it’s important that buyers are well positioned to gain access to the best properties at the most competitive price. By granting international access, “We are connecting buyers and sellers at the international level.” This means LH has the ability to sell homes without the buyer actually physically seeing them, a process only a talented and experienced team can achieve.

Representing buyers properly is equally as important as listing effectively. It requires specialized knowledge and skills pertaining to accessing properties and securing the best possible price. The LH Prestige Team also guarantees a one-year warranty on the electrical and mechanical of the home along with having a special system in place to relocate a family that may later decide for whatever reason that they’ve made the wrong move. “We put a lot of time and effort into finding our buyers the right homes but we’re also plan B thinkers,” Parente acknowledges. “We want our buyers to feel safe in working with us so we offer special services catered to their needs.”

The Luxury Home Prestige Team truly is the pinnacle of what makes a great Real Estate organization today. Comprised of experienced, well-organized and determined professionals who redefine customer service and corporate culture, Parente and the LH Prestige Team have soared to magnificent heights.

Whether buying, selling or looking for an organization that puts you first, there is no better team than the LH Prestige “Family.” As Parente says, “When we put our stamp on anything, it must be the Prestige experience. There’s a reason we sell more homes, faster and for more money than the average GTA agent.” Why settle for less? Insist on The Prestige Experience for your real estate needs.

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