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Kleinburg is an unincorporated village in the city of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Kleinburg comprises a narrow section of hilly landscape situated between two branches of the Humber River.


The historic village is bounded by Highway 27 on the west and Stegman’s Mill Road to the east. Kleinburg has subsumed the nearby hamlet of Nashville. The village is located between two branches of the Humber River, and features dense forests throughout its 1.05 km² of land area. Its northern and western peripheries are primarily agricultural.





Kleinburg has historically been a small, quiet town, but now attracts many affluent visitors and residents. Housing developments began in the 1950s in the west and continued in the 1970s southeast of Kleinburg. Other developments occurred in 1993 in the south, 1998 in the northeast, and the 2000s to the north. During its major expansion in the 1990s and early 2000s, many new large homes were built.

Main Street the historic commercial district of Kleinburg has many heritage buildings, as well as modern developments with mixed residential and commercial uses.

Average household income: $296,249

Average estate cost: $3,075,826 million



There are 5 schools in Kleinburg:

· Kleinburg Christian Academy (Private Elementary)

· Kleinburg Public Elementary School (Public Elementary)

· Ecole La Fontaine (French Public Elementary School)

· Montessori School of Kleinburg (Private School)

· The Hill Academy (Private Secondary for student-athletes)

· Pope Francis Catholic School (Public Catholic School)


Main street has local shops, restaurants, and national chains including Subway, Starbucks, and Royal Bank. Its oldest extant building, built in 1867, is home of The Doctor's House restaurant.


Local attractions include McMichael Art Gallery, Kortright Centre, Humber River Trails, and Binder Twine Park, Copper Creek Golf Course.

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