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Hoggs Hollow is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, located in the Don River Valley and centred on the intersection of Yonge Street and York Mills Road/Wilson Avenue. Hoggs Hollow is named after Joseph Hogg, a Scotsman who settled in the area in 1824. Hogg operated a whisky distillery and a grist mill, and was viewed as the most successful of all the millers in the valley.

Hogg's Hollow has high-end homes set in a lush well-treed valley landscape. Because most homes were built over a period from 1920 into the 60s, the styles range from English Cottage to Tudor, Colonial, and Georgian through to Modernist. There are some luxury condominium townhouses and apartment buildings along Yonge Street, with views of the West Don Valley. Home prices are in the medium to luxury range




As you make your way down into the valley, you will see blue and white Hogg's Hollow street signs that beckon you to discover where they might lead. Follow these signs and you will be in the storybook neighbourhood of Hoggs Hollow.


Hogg's Hollow is an enchanted place set in the rustic beauty of the Don River valley. Here you will find winding crescents and private cul-de-sacs lined with a colour guard of majestic Maple, Birch, Pine, Spruce and Willow Trees. There is even a stone bridge in the middle of this neighbourhood under which the Don River gently flows on its winding course towards Lake Ontario.

Average household income: $100,000 - $400,000

Average estate cost: $3.25 million.



The community is served by 3 elementary schools, 1 catholic elementary, 1 public high school and 3 private schools.


Hogg's Hollow residents can walk to the York Mills Centre, and enjoy the Yonge Street shopping district to the south. The larger malls are either north on Yonge (north of Sheppard) or at Yorkdale (at Dufferin, south of Wilson)

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