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Lawrence Park is one of Toronto's most exclusive residential neighbourhoods. It is located in a very peaceful and tranquil setting that includes gently rolling hills, winding roads and a lush topography.

Lawrence Park is a neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is bordered by Yonge Street to the west and Bayview Avenue to the east, and from Blythwood Ravine on the south to Lawrence Avenue on the north. Lawrence Park was one of Toronto's first planned garden suburbs. Begun in the early part of the 20th century, it did not fully develop until after the Second World War. It was ranked the wealthiest neighbourhood in all of Canada in 2011.





The homes in Lawrence Park built between 1910 and the early 1950s for the well-to-do of the city, and have a mix of styles from English Cottage, to Tudor Revival, Georgian and Colonial styles. Recent renovations have preserved the rich details of the homes in the community. Homes are priced in the medium to luxury price ranges.


Lawrence Park is one of Toronto’s most exclusive residential neighborhoods. In 2011, Canadian Business magazine named it the wealthiest postal code in Canada by household net worth, averaged at $3.88 million. The Blythwood cluster of the neighborhood, along Bayview Avenue, has an average household income of $622,238, while the West side centered around Mount Pleasant Road has an average household income of $469,448.


The neighborhood is located in a setting that includes gently rolling hills, several parks, and a ravine. Lawrence Park’s houses include a variety of architectural styles including English Cottage, Tudor Revival, Georgian and Colonial style designs. Most of these homes were built between 1910 and the late 1940s. For the last few years parts of Lawrence Park have been redeveloped with larger houses which do not match the scale of the original housing in the neighborhood.

Average household net worth: $10.44 million

Average household income: $906,266

Average resale price : $2.81 million



The community is served by 2 elementary schools, 2 private schools, 2 high schools, and 1 public library. The Upper Canada College private school is about a mile to the south. Post-secondary students are very close to York University's Glendon Campus on Bayview, Seneca College's Denham Campus to the northeast, and can access University of Toronto and Ryerson University via the Yonge-University-Spadina subway.


Locals shop at the high-end stores and restaurants in the Yonge and Lawrence area. Lawrence Park's shops, schools, and recreational facilities are located on its periphery, which keeps traffic on the residential streets to a minimum.

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